I thought I recognised that butt! (Guest Blog - Harald)

Hehehehehe! A guest blog by Harald... he of the famous butt!

From Harald... where has his Booty been?!


The winter month are a notorious  time of the year for those encounters with low motivation, blue moods and even various levels of depression in people in our community. This can have devastating effects on some of us. It can be known as the Black Dog of Winter, and it can lurk on our shoulders uninvited.

It seems to be a time when we are more prone to injury, aches and pains and a lot of self doubt. Our Vitamin D levels drop and so does our demeanour.

There is nothing like enjoying a good time to remove that black dog.

Another way of dealing with the black dog can be to take on a task that is out of your comfort zone, it stops the internalising and puts your focus away from the situation of winter and on to the task in question.

Very few can deny that swimming in a crowd, stark naked at Sandy Bay on a freezing dawn is anything but way out of comfort zone.

It was cold both in and out of the water but extremely invigorating. The atmosphere and camaraderie of the event was amazing, the water was breath taking.

This is not only a way to look that black dog in the eye and get it off your shoulder but you can even give it the arse for good.

Nude swim

Thanks Harald for sending me this and the photo too  :-) It can also be found front and centre on the Mercury website!

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