We are not a bootcamp

Hmm. Although provocative, the name “Booty” is quite misleading. If you are looking for a bad-ass “bootcamp” or an elite band of super athletes, oops! You are in the wrong place! If you’re looking for hidden treasure or a Kardashian, you’re also in the wrong place. If you are looking to join a group of normal people who exercise well a few times a week and then get on with the rest of their lives – welcome. Jackpot! Booty is an award-winning personal training business run by me, Mel Irons. We would love you to get involved!

– Mel x

News reel

Fitness Australia #ActiveAchievers Award for Tasmania… we won!

Posted 6 October 2015

Exciting news! We can finally share it! 

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Not a bootcamp. Not a gym. What is Booty again?

Posted 4 October 2015

No. We are not a bootcamp. No. We are not a gym. No. We are not a 12 week quick fix. We don't sell you diets. We don't care about summer bodies!

Well what the hell are we?


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Guest Blog! Who's been hanging out at the Gordon Dam?

Posted 1 October 2015

Ahhhh!  The pristine Gordon Dam!  What a lovely spot for some bush walking, photography, relaxing and a picnic.


Not if you're Andy and co.

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Register for Block #8 today!

Posted 28 September 2015


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Who should you see if you have a niggle or an injury?

Posted 19 September 2015

Ouch!! I've hurt myself.  Where do I go?

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Whaddaya think?

T’was a really well run session Em, thank you!

Posted 19 September 2015