We are not a bootcamp

Hmm. Although provocative, the name “Booty” is quite misleading. If you are looking for a bad-ass “bootcamp” or an elite band of super athletes, oops! You are in the wrong place! If you’re looking for hidden treasure or a Kardashian, you’re also in the wrong place. If you are looking to join a group of normal people who exercise well a few times a week and then get on with the rest of their lives – welcome. Jackpot! Booty is an award-winning personal training business run by me, Mel Irons. We would love you to get involved!

– Mel x

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An interview with Manu

Posted 24 November 2015

Em and Manu recently sat down to discuss Manu's past year.  For those that don't know, she has been through quite a journey.  Not like an X Factor type 'journey' either. It's been pretty full on! 

Have a read about our favourite Italian!

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Rego Day! Today!!

Posted 9 November 2015

 Final block of 2015!!


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Where's your booty been? Teegs! And look at your new gear!

Posted 25 October 2015

Climbing Hartz Peak!


Nice one Teegs!!

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The 2015 End of Year Booty Cocktail Party!!!

Posted 25 October 2015

It's here!  IT'S HERE!!!

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Competition Time!!!

Posted 22 October 2015

Who doesn't like a good ol' fashioned competition?!


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Whaddaya think?

That circuit was epic last night! On the wall, it looked easy. It WASN'T! But I pushed through, and feel bloody amazing today because of it. Thanks guys!

Posted 26 November 2015