Booty is an award-winning personal training business run by me, Mel Irons. Go get a glass of wine and peruse the website… there’s a fair bit to read because there is a lot going on in the world of Boot-wah! If you are looking for a bad-ass boot camp or an elite band of super athletes, oops! You are in the wrong place! If you are looking to join a group of normal people who exercise hard a few times a week but then get on with the rest of their lives – welcome. Jackpot! Get involved…

– Mel x

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Booty Lite

Posted 25 May 2015

What a success. A raging success!!

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Mens Health and Wellbeing Seminar at Hutchins

Posted 6 May 2015

An opportunity to learn more about this important issue!

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Posted 3 May 2015

A quick congratulations from the Booty family!

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Booty Profile #15. Meet Rose!

Posted 28 April 2015

Here’s a great new Booty Profile – The one and only Rose who is an original Booty Liter!

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Booty Lite… great confidence builder!

Posted 24 April 2015

Loved this!

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Booty kudos board

Kudos to the Booty Bridge runners! PBs to Suzanne, Steve and Shep! John came in 3rd place for his age group in his first fun run!

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Posted 18 February 2015